Mini – Minutes 9/23/18

Hello Brothers! A lot has happened within the past couple weeks! We planned our retreat, started committee meetings, and voted in our newest member on the executive board!! (Hint: It’s Stazie) Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the semester?!?! Good luck with midterms and stick in there! You can do it!!

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  • Shoutout to Boh for being born! ‘Kappa Kappa PsClap’
  • Shoutout to Raechel for giving Gabi a granola bar when they were sick!

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  • Shoutout to Raechel, Conner, Jesse, and Lily for stenciling the cases for drumline!
  • Shoutout to Sully for coming up and saying hi!
  • Shoutout to everyone who came out to PsTuesday Golf!

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  • Shoutout to everyone who did the first reception!
  • Shoutout to Gabi for last minute filling in for Spencer at CSI training!
  • Shoutout to Nate and Brandon for doing t-shirt stuff for the band!

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  • Sign up for Communications and Outreach Committee!
    • Internal communications
    • Become aware of any and all events
    • Planning brotherhood events, etc.
    • Scott will take a poll for either online/in person

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  • Sign up for Alumni Relations Committee!
    • There will be regular meetings after we elect a position
    • Establishing alumni association
    • Effectively communicating with alumni

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  • Brotherhood
    • Retreat
      • Bye Nate, hope you find your dad…
      • We voted today and we’re Pstaycationing!!
      • Next Brotherhood meetings (PsTuesdays)
        • Planning staycation
        • Stay in tents if you want (You can chill with the raccoons, be one with nature)

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  • Next PsTuesday!
    • We’re going to Pstudy on Farrand!
    • There’ll be games too! So come and chill with us!
  • Future PsTuesday!
    • Spaghetti cookoffs at Dylan’s, get recipes ready!
    • Ask Dylan if you need him to buy stuff!
    • Judges will pick the best pasta sauce!!

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  • Hello!
  • Drum case stenciling – Done!
  • Practice room cleaning/new window covers
    • Making new practice covers next Sunday at 6:30pm in UMC!
    • Practice room cleaning
      • Sunday, Oct. 21st (in the morning) – will be posted on the calendar!
  • BB Band Stand Maintenance
    • Not until December
  • Band Library Project
    • This will be really similar to digitization!
    • Alternating Mondays and Thursdays of every month
      • Everybody come to at least one session please!
      • Dates will be on the Kappa calendar/website soon
  • Band Banquet
    • If you want to help, talk to Carrie!
    • Meetings will be tagged on to the end of service committee meetings (around 7pm)

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  • Refer to google doc here!
  • Most importantly: Breakfast in Band with your Bros (and other B-related items)

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  • Hotel finalized. Thank you Stazie!!
  • Fill out doodle poll on when to meet! Please!
  • In group chat (if you want to join the committee, message Dylan!)


  • Sometime Wednesday night via Google Hangouts
  • Discuss goals for semester
  • After initial meeting, we will meet on Thursdays (alternate with membership committee)


  • Still working on a solid meeting schedule!
  • Google Hangout this week to talk about a bunch of stuff
    • CMEP’S, Kappa Kappa Pskate!

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  • Background research started into private scholarships!
  • Stay up to date with Bennett!!
  • Sign up in the Google Sheet if you want to join the meetings!

We then discussed our alcohol and hazing policies!

  • Strict no hazing policy!!! Rule #10
  • Alcohol/Controlled Substances
    • Cannot endorse events with alcohol!
  • If you want to look at the full form, google it! (Here is a link)
  • Review Chapter policy
    • At restaurants we should be able to drink IF we are 21+
    • In Constitution, it does not state that we cannot drink with brothers in letters
    • General: Unofficial vote, drink responsibly in letters (if 21+)
      • Kappa PsClap unanimous decision

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After the review of policies, we talked about earning more money through CSI!!!

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  • Up to $1000 for operational costs
    • $200 for food
    • $800 for other things: Shirts, scholarships for members that aren’t paying, etc.
  • $3000 per year for travel (strictly lodging, ground transportation, flights)
  • “It’s my money and I need it now!” – Gabi/Bennett
  • CSI is “rad” and “cool”, “We should do it!” – Jesse, General Thumbs Up!!!!
  • Gabi and Bennett will meet with a CSI rep as soon as possible

Here is a debrief of our suggestion box! (Which is right on this website!) And I wanted to say that if you do feel any concern at all or want to express something anonymously, please do! Your opinion is welcomed by the entire chapter!

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  • Go to this link!
  • Write any question, comment or concern you have!
  • Chances are somebody feels the exact same way!!
  • They will never be punished! We are totally welcome to any and all suggestions!

We then voted on our one conditional letter!

  • Matt Reynolds
    • Can we mandate a video of their band? (play at recital)
  • Dr. Roeder has already approved
  • Heads down vote!
  • All those in favor, all opposed, abstentions?
  • Overwhelmingly in favor vote! Matt will be officially moved to conditional status

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And finally, we held a special elections for our Alumni Secretary Position!

  • Josh moves to open the floor for nominations, Carrie seconds
  • You have to be present this accept this nomination
    • Brandon, declines
    • Sully, declines
    • Conner, declines
    • Stazie, accepts
    • Kaitlyn, declines
    • Ryan, declines due to absence
    • Gena, declines
  • Spencer entertains a motion to close the floor for nominations, Colby motions to close the floor for nominations, Jordan seconds
  • Spencer entertains a motion to open the floor for elections, Colby motions to open the floor for elections, Josh seconds
    • 4 min. to present – 2 minutes for questions – 1 minute to discuss
    • Heads down vote
      • All those in favor of Stazie, all those in favor of no confidence, abstentions?
    • Stazie is our new Alumni Secretary!!!! Congrats!
  • Spencer entertains a motion to close the floor for elections, Josh motions to close the floor for elections, James seconds

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Stay tuned for upcoming committee meetings this week!

And for your enjoyment . . .

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Mini – Minutes 8/26/18

Hi Brothers! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! It’s been so long since we had our last meeting! I can’t wait to see where this year takes us and how we improve as a chapter. And I hope we’re all ready to go back to school…

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You can always check out the original minutes from both our chapter and exec meetings here:

Chapter Meeting Minutes 8/26/18

Exec Meeting Minutes 8/26/18


  • Shoutout to everyone who did uniform checkout!

blackish tracee ellis ross GIF by HULU

  • Shoutout to Carrie, Gena, and James for running a great band camp!
  • Shoutout to everyone who did Rockies this year!!!!! (Sincere eye contact with everybody)

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  • Shoutout to Carrie and Nate for taking over for Jade during band camp week!
  • Shoutout to everyone who survived band camp…you did it!

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  • Shoutout to everyone that survived move-in!
  • Shoutout to Hannah and Conner for surviving drum corps! SCV!!!!!!!


  • Congrats to your new 2018-2019 Travel Chair, Gabi Bartmann!

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  • PsTuesday will happen this week…promptly starting at 6:01 for Ryan
  • Look at Facebook for the event news
  • Spencer valiantly and bravely turned on the fans (“HOT SOUP” – Josh)
    • Big blowy boys


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We then discussed all of the goals and expectations we have for the upcoming semester!

  • Brothers can miss up to two meetings (unexcused)
    • Excused reasons include: Family emergencies, extreme illnesses, school events, scholarship events, music events, etc. Excused absences can be given on a case-by-case basis!
    • Please notify Spencer, even in unexcused scenarios!
      • Contact Spencer by any way possible
      • Click here
  • Must participate in at least one committee
    • There aren’t a ton of committees starting off this semester so sign up fast!
  • CU Band Day is not happening this semester, therefore, it is not required.
  • Participate in some concert reception (annual)
  • Participate in recital (annual)

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  • New – Participate in some aspect of MWD Convention planning
    • Make this a membership requirement
    • Everybody would have a role (get involved!)
    • Min. at least volunteering that weekend (EVERYBODY needs to help)
    • Date: Apr. 5th

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Click here

  • Any thoughts or changes?
    • 8 total meetings this semester (can miss 2 max.)




  • Can meet as frequently as they want!
  • Service
    • Chaired by Carrie
    • Brainstorm time for the first one or two meetings
    • Then, use that meeting time to do service events (not decided yet)
    • Ex: fix practice room covers, service within music building
    • Poll needed to decide strict meeting time
    • Bennett and Nate (treasurers) do not need to be in service committee
  • Music
    • Chaired by Andrea
      • Reception going to be set up right away
      • First music committee next week or the week after!
      • Work with service to get stuff together
      • Music related brother events – go to concerts, etc.
  • Brotherhood
    • Chaired by Dylan
      • Keep weekly PsTuesdays (works well)
      • Lots of ideas for fun things to do
      • Kappa Kappa PsKaraoketitus andromedon singing GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
      • PSledding
      • PsCooking
      • PsFood Making
      • PsMovie nights
      • PsBoard game nights
      • PsMini Golf
      • PStudying
  • Jurisdiction
    • Chaired by Nate
      • Passed all amendments last semester
      • Go through an entire education process with constitution
      • Make sure everybody knows how chapter works/constitution

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  • Membership
    • Chaired by Jade
      • Sept. Kappa PsSkate
      • Kappa Hike
      • Oct. Info sessions
      • Send out letters at end of semester
      • Talk to a lot of people
      • MEMBERSHIP!!
  • Ritual
    • Chaired by Josh
    • Won’t begin until later in the semester
    • A.k.a. Littee Committee a.k.a a.k.a Litual Committee
    • Dump off all books into the Kappa closet
    • Josh shed a single tear when seeing the new books
    • Facebook planning
    • Shoot Josh a text if you have a burning need to get together for ritual
    • Music – work in progress
    • Make sure you’re in a committee before ritual as it will not start until later in the semester!!
  • Three week grace – period will allow members to experiment in different committees before committing to a semester
    • Get a feel for classes
    • Don’t be stressed…chilllll
    • But make sure you’re in a committee by that time

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  • If you’d like a committee for a certain project or would like to start a committee, contact Spencer!

We then discussed all of the calendar dates for the next semester!

Please put all of these in your phone!. You can check out the calendar here.

  • Put the dates in your phone! Please! Or subscribe to the website =)
  • Sign up for committees!!! Refer to Facebook 
  • Biweekly meeting period will be the usual
  • Exec will be meeting every week (if not in person, then in hangouts)
  • Let Spencer know if you want to be in the exec meeting!
  • September
    • 9th – Next meeting
    • 23rd – Chapter meeting
  • October
    • 7th – Meeting
    • 21st – NO meeting (away trip) share your concerns if had
    • 28th – Meeting
    • 12th/13th – Tentative Staycation
    • End of Oct. – End of recruitment week (also tentative staycation)
  • November
    • 1st week of November – part of recruitment week
    • 3rd – Tentative conducting clinic
    • 4th – Back to back meeting with last one in October but… no meeting during band banquet!
    • Is Kappa helping with scholarship banquet? (in the spring) – Discuss with Roeder
    • Get a gift together for Dr. Roeder…last year =(
    • 25th – Chapter meeting right before classes

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  • December
    • 2nd – Tentative recital
    • 9th – Elections (Close to finals but not conflicting with recital) ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED
  • All BB games will be put in calendar as soon as known
  • Send committee meeting times to Spencer as soon as known as well as if you need rooms to host!!

We then talked about retreat!

  • Currently planned for Oct. 12th/13th
  • Last year was at end of recruitment week
  • Several new members came to hike/games, but didn’t stay
  • Staycation v. retreat??
    • Need price options – Dylan ($25 – $40 max for retreat in the past)
    • Camping – Cheap and dope
      • Decide next meetings
      • Cabin Options – BUFFS
    • Can rent tents if needed

camping GIF

We then discussed Rockies and our financial situation! But seriously, thanks to everybody that helped out this summer!! We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Last year was worked out, all money given!
  • This year…fines were received (drawers were short)
  • Bitter Bennett – “Aramark is the ***** and we shouldn’t work with them.”
    • Determined to get money (we’re all taking a bus to Denver tomorrow)
  • Only asking for national dues if you worked Rockies
  • Sko us – lowest dues across the country (Kappa chapters)
  • Bless Jordan – Our actual hero (worked 10 games…like is that even possible???)

chris hemsworth marvel GIF

  • Fun expenditures – Hit up Bennett if you have ideas
  • Commission committee, propose if you want to get on that
    • We have money to spend
    • 4-year plan (we can easily commission a piece sometime within the next couple years)
  • Carrie has composer buddies….Frank Tichelli…pshhh…nbd

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And here are some final notes about the status of our chapter!

Closing Remarks

  • CSU – Colonization problems
    • Director of band hasn’t gotten back
    • We’re storming CSU’s office
    • Whole Kappa chapter going on a strike towards Aramark and CSU

Future Meetings

  • Not wanted to be held in Hellems
  • CASE has nice rooms
  • STORM THE CASE BUILDING (We’re storming literally everywhere…Storming Committee?)

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That’s all for the first meeting! Again, I hope everyone’s summer went well and that we’re all ready to get back into the swing of things. Good luck with the first couple week of classes! Let’s make this a fantastic year in Kappa!

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Mini-Minutes – 1/21/18

Happy New Year! It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen everyone, but congrats on making it through last semester, hope everything had a great holiday season, and thank you for everyone making the meeting yesterday, especially with all the nasty weather (but it’s okay because the snow is pretty and makes everything worth it). Also, welcome MCs to your first full meeting!excited new year GIF

Also new this semester – I was inspired by Kristina’s photoshop designs for the recruitment week info, so I gave our mini-minutes a little bit of a facelift to make everything worth it, so here is your //a e s t he t i c s// update!

We began our first meeting into our new format, so here’s a breakdown of what happened yesterday!

As always, here are the chapter meeting minutes and the exec meeting minutes if you want a further, in depth look of what we talked about.


  • Shoutout to Colby for all her work with the caroling groups last semester!excited reese witherspoon GIF by SAG Awards
  • Shoutout to Carrie for conducting the first MEP!
  • Shoutout to Tate and Kristina for their engagement!
Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

aren’t they literally the cutest

  • Shoutout to everyone for (mostly) making it through last semester!
  • Shoutout to Josh for taking on the music composition project for the ritual!name bunnies GIF
  • Shoutout to all the brothers that will be representing Kappa abroad (Jesse and Allison)!
  • Shoutout to Jade for coming back and bringing us adorable chocolates!season 2 chocolate with nuts GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants


  • Welcome back everyone and welcome to your first meeting MCs!
  • Conditional letters are due on February 3rd! Check with Kristina if you have any questions regarding the circumstances, etc.
  • The next meeting will be February 3rd at 4pm! Exec will meet at 3pm, the MEP will be 5:30pm, and First Degree is at 7pm.
  • Sign up to take care of Glory! Talk to Gabi if you have any questions.
  • The Snapchat contest for Spring 2018 begins on Tuesday! Let your streaks die!
  • Congrats to Spencer and Allison for winning the Fall 2017 streak contest!
  • The first Pstuesdays is this Tuesday at 8pm! Come to BJs and have a pizzookie!
    • This will also be the kickoff for the Brotherhood committee, so come and bring your ideas!
    • tlc GIF
  • If you want to be a big brother, contact Carrie! We still need some more brothers.
  • Let Andrew know about your recitals if you have any! All performances will be put in the Kappa calendar.

Afterwards, we discussed some more information about the rest of the semester. More specifically, we ran through the website!

  • The website is! You’re probably here right now, so you ‘re already one step ahead!
  • The homepage will feature mini-minutes (like this!) and other important information regarding meetings or other logistics.
  • Sign up for email alerts! You won’t have to look at the website for all of the details as mini-minutes will go to your inbox. 
  • The Kappa Drive link will link to important folders like minutes (both chapter and exec), the budget, attendance, and the archives.
  • Resources include important documents like the constitution, the RTW Handbook, officer handbooks, website links to the national/district websites.
    • The National website has tons of information that is extremely useful, including our publications, brother portals, etc.
    • Double check your membership requirements! Some rules have changed due to the new meeting format. Membership Candidate requirements are also here.
  • The sign-ups tab contains all the important sign ups for Snapchat, taking care of Glory, and other recital/receptions.
  • Send your photos to Trevor for the scrapbook using the Photos tab!
  • Suggestion Box is open always to address any concerns either privately or publicly.
  • Contact information can be found on the Contact tab with social media links, etc.

We also walked through the calendar. You can sync this to any calendar using Google Calendar or iCalendar. Here are some important dates to remember!season 1 march GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

  • MWD District Day – 02/16
  • CU Honor Band – 02/23-24
  • CFR Visit – 02/26-27
    • Tentative meet and greet with our CFR – 02/27 at 6pm
  • MWD Convention – 04/06-04/08 – This is at Mines, so everyone should go!
  • Yard Party with Mines – 04/21
  • Some dates in the calendar are tentative – please clear each date for retreat and recital.


We are beginning our new committee format this semester! Here are some important things to note about committees.

  • Committees and projects can be proposed all year – talk to exec about what you can lead or begin!
    • There is a document that outlines the format to propose a committee. You can find it here or in the Kappa drive.
  • The next two weeks are a grace period to explore some committees. MCs and active brothers have a requirement of what committees they must attend – please look up what your requirements are under the resource tab!
  • There is a document that outlines every committee, who runs it, and more information. You can find that here or in the Kappa drive.

Curious about what committees to join? Here’s a quick breakdown of where you can find the kickoff meetings for each committee:

Jurisdiction: Sat. 1/27 from 2-4pm in Hellems 211

Membership: Sun. 1/28 from 4pm-4:30 in Hellems 211

Service: Thurs. 1/25/18 at 5pm – Imig Library Seminar Room – N285

Music: Tues. 1/30/18 at 5pm in Imig C121 – Boettcher Seminar Room

Brotherhood: Tues. 1/23 at BJ’s (PsTuesdays)

Ritual: Wed. 1/24 at 7p in Imig N180D

Houston: Mon. 1/29 at 7:30p virtually – link here

Scrapbook: Thurs. 2/1/18 – 5pm in Imig Library Seminar Room N285

Finally, here are some closing announcements for the meeting:

  • Josh is willing to write some arrangements for songs for recital if you would like! Please contact him ASAP with enough time before recital if you would like.
  • Nate is setting up a group to raise money for childhood cancer for St. Baldwicks! Talk to him if you’re curious or want some more information.
  • Sign up to take care of Glory! She would greatly appreciate it.

Hope you all have a great start to your semester and I will see everyone at our next meeting Feb. 3rd at 4pm!

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