Mini – Minutes 11/25/18

Welcome Back Brothers! I hope everybody had a wonderful Fall Break! Now is the time to get back on the grind! Stay up to date with all Kappa Pshappenings. RePsital is this Sunday! We nominated all of our MC’s! Elections are next meeting! And so much more!

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As always, here are links to the full minutes:

11/25/18 Exec Minutes

11/25/18 Chapter Minutes


  • Shoutout to Josh for enabling the projection for the meeting!

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  • Shoutout to the buffs for beating the buffs! 😦
  • Shoutout to anybody who worked on band banquet!


  • Sign up for RePsital! Dec. 2nd! (A week from yesterday)
    • Please!! Sign up here!
  • Give Nate your receipts by this Saturday!
    • End of semester budget report

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  • PsTuesday 7:10pm 
    • Going to see Bohemian Rhapsody! – Talk to Dylan!

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  • Band Banquet Budget
    • Please ensure you stay within budget!
    • Discuss any and all major financial decisions with your Treasurers!



  • Prepping for RePsital! This Sunday! At 10am!!! Here‘s the sign up!
    • All brothers must participate in a recital by the end of the school year!
  • Thanks for bringing your instruments yesterday! Boh would be so proud!

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  • Be on the lookout for information about Holiday Fest!
    • In two weekends…we’ll need volunteers!

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  • Uniform Check-in!!!
    • We will need 6 people from 4-6pm on both Dec. 5th and 7th!!
    • Sign up here! Talk to Carrie with questions!


  • PsTuesday at 7:10pm at the Boulder Theater!!
    • Seeing Bohemian Rhapsody (It’s sooooo goood)

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  • Thanks so much for your patience yesterday!
  • Bid letters go out this week! We finalized the degree schedule!
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Accurate depiction of how excited I am

  • Let Jade know if you have any questions or concerns!


  • No update!


  • Meeting: Wednesday or Thursday at 4pm
  • Spring Calendar has been set! We will start finalizing dates with other chapters!
  • Starting to promote CU Honor Bands! If you want to help, talk to Scott!
  • Collecting pictures to hype up District and NatCon!

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  • Meeting with SOAC is this Wednesday!


  • No update!


  • Meeting: Thursday at 8pm
  • Final Schedule from District Council in a few days
  • Website in progress led by Stazie!

We then nominated our first half of potential brothers! We made sure to be picky about our candidates and evaluated them based on their effort put into the survey, their general attitudes and experiences with band as well as their overall personalities hanging out with our active brothers over recruitment week!

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Next, we transitioned into accepting nominations for music, service, and brotherhood! Refer back to the full minutes here to see if you got nominated!

If you are planning on running for any of these positions, please prepare a platform for the next meeting (Dec. 9th)! I can’t wait to see what everybody has prepared! Additionally, next meeting will be rather long, but is super important!!! Please make sure you clear your schedules to be there!

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After finishing up the nominations, we played some music! More specifically, Boh’s Kappa March! Again, thank you for bringing your instruments! It was very much appreciated!

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Closing Announcements

  • Founder’s Trophy about to be put in!
  • Kappa Kappa Pspring 2k14 Death March
  • Come to PsTuesday!!! (Bohemian Rhapsody is soooo good!!!)
  • Sign up for RePsital!!!! Pls

There are only a few weeks left before finals! Ahhh. Don’t fret. Keep pushing! I know you can do it! Your brothers are always there to help if you’re stressed!

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Don’t stress!

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Instead, watch Bob Ross pet a deer





On a super important note, next meeting is our LAST meeting (of the semester)!!! We will be doing elections! Please make sure to be there! If we don’t have at least 75% of our chapter there, we can’t do elections!!

Dec. 9th – Be there or be square


Mini – Minutes 10/28/18

Good morning brothers! It’s been so long since our last meeting! Make sure to stay up to date with everything that has been going on by reading the minutes! Look forward to the final stages of band banquet planning and talk to Carrie or Conner if you want to get involved! Recruitment week STARTS TODAY!!! Talk to all the people to join Kappa because we love new brothers! SKOBUFFS! Here is the schedule for the week!

Image may contain: text

Additionally, we’re right in the middle of midterm season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with school, life, or Kappa, please talk to a fellow brother! We are all here to support you and want you in this organization. AEA.

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As always, you can read the full minutes here.

10/28/18 Chapter Minutes

10/28/18 Exec Minutes


  • Shoutout to everyone in membership for planning all of recruitment week!
  • Shoutout to Spencer and Eric for doing the 1st time of the band library project!
  • Shoutout to Jade for doing a really great job in WSS and planning membership stuff during orchestra week!!!

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  • Shoutout to the Buffs for completing the Circle of Suc!
  • Shoutout to Carrie for not quitting band!

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  • Shoutout to Carrie for not crying on the stand yesterday!
  • Shoutout to Ben for doing research on the commissioning fund!


  • Incoming Freshman Scholarship Pending Final Approval!
    • Thanks to Grace for doing a lot of leg work!
    • We are getting approval from the Dean and will be on our way!
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It’s a fast boi

    • Any time of day is fine! A lot of us will be going after marching band! It’s going to be a great time!
    • MENTION KAPPA. You don’t need a flyer!

pizza yeetza

  • The Commissioning Fund now has Direction!!!
    • We have done research are currently talking to directors to see what ensemble would like to perform a new piece!
    • This project will be long term. To help, talk to Ben and Bennett!
  • Continue to take pictures and send them to Meagan for the scrapbook!

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  • Sign up for the Band Library Project! Dates will alternate Mon/Thurs.
    • Look at the calendar to be updated! Here is the signup! Just do it
    • Times are set at 6:30 pm but can change if you need it to!
    • Need more clarinoodles and flutes

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  • Start thinking about what tasty jams you want to play in the RePsital!!
  • Ritual committee is next Sunday at 4:00 pm, check Facebook for location!
  • Recruitment week starts today!!! Look at Facebook! Here is the schedule.
    • You need to attend at least 2 events to be able to vote on new members. Yay!!! New Members!!!

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  • Sign up to go to District Day!
    • It’s gonna be fun! Talk to Nate with questions! It’s next weekend…



  • Sign up for conducting clinic! It’s gonna be super awesome
    • Nov. 4th 12 – 2 pm. Here is the calendar for all of the events going on!
    • Dr. D will be there! You get to help out music majors!!!
  • Recital
    • Sunday Dec. 2nd at 10am
    • Think about what you want to play!!! Do something musical! Be creative!

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  • Kappa March
    • Important: Bring your instruments to the meeting next week on 11/4
    • We will be playing at the end of Kappa Repsital! It’s gonna be a grand ‘ole time.
  • National Intercollegiate Band
    • Do it. The audition packet will be posted soon. Talk to Andrea!


  • Recruitment week
    • Thursday is service night! Meet at 7pm in the vortex!
    • Centerpieces for band banquet! Ben will be taking over!
    • Practice room cleaning! Brandon will be heading!
    • Choose what you want to do and help out with!

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  • Practice room covers! Thank you so much to everybody that helped!
  • We completed our first episode of the band library project!
  • Band Banquet
    • Theme: General Buffs Bash. Location: Glenn Miller Ballroom
    • Trading cards are in progress! If you want to help, let Conner know!!
      • Nate is pstricken
    • Band banquet starts at 5pm! If you are setting up or want to help, talk to Carrie and come to the Glenn Miller Ballroom at 2!


  • Pskate! It was awesome! Thanks for coming!
  • Info meetings – 25 people signed up an interest sheet!
    • Cute time with icecream sandwiches

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  • Recruitment week
    • 5 events. All at 7pm! Check Facebook! And the calendar!
    • We need everybody to invite new members and to come to events!
    • Again, you need to come to 2 events to be able to vote!


  • Been reaching out to a few chapters!
    • Xi/Wyoming
    • If anybody has any connection to UNC, let Ben know!
  • Yard Parties in Spring semester in planning phase

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  • If you’re interested, please join! Let Nate know when you can meet!


  • Thanks to everybody who came out to the Brotherhood events! And Retreat!
    • Lots of leftover psghet
  • Recruitment week – Speed dating 7pm, in Benson 185! 

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  • The directors are confirmed to conduct the concert!
  • Working on getting the rooms reserved! If you want to help, talk to Dylan!


  • Guten tag. Talk to Josh to help!
  • We are actually going to start on Sunday! At 4pm in the vortex
  • Need to go into the closet and figure some things out! Be there. Be square.

square person

We then discussed a post the exec team received! Here are the full minutes.

We take your comments and suggestions very seriously. If you ever believe that something should be done that isn’t being done, please let us know! All of the exec team is more than willing to receive constructive criticism and talk with you about what needs to improve. If you have an idea for a project, you are more than welcome to start it yourself!! Help each other out!

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We also discussed our survey results! Overall, they were really positive! Here are the main takeaways and here are the full minutes to review!

  • We are prioritizing efficiency in meetings!
  • Time is more valued with the new system!
  • We would like to see more attendance and involvement in committees!
    • As of now, we are on an honor code system for attendance
    • Next semester, a stricter attendance policy will be put in place
    • If you can’t make a meeting, please let the committee head know!!
  • The remind system will be used more often!
  • New Idea! On off weeks, an email will be sent out updating you about all of the happenings and projects taking place at committee meetings! This will also be posted on the website! So…SUBSCRIBETOTHEWEBSITE!  Please and thank you.

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Closing Announcements

  • Our plans for the Founder’s Trophy will be addressed next week.
  • The suggestion box is always open! Please talk to exec if you believe something needs to be addressed!
  • Recruitment week is this week! Have to attend at least 2 events to vote on new members!
  • Pay your dues!! Talk to Bennett if you have questions
  • Props to Spencer for efficient meetings!!
  • Alumni Association has made a lot of progress!
  • We lost a brother at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Please reach out and send your thoughts and prayers. Here is a link.

Thank you for a great meeting yesterday! It was super efficient and productive! Please reach out to any of your brothers if you ever feel the need to! Do know that we are all busy people and may not prioritize Kappa at the top of our lives. However, we all deeply care about Kappa and want this organization to succeed! Hope to see you at Recruitment Week! SkoBuffs!

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Mini Minutes – 10/29/17

Happy Hallow’s Eve Eve everyone! Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for Halloween! Get ready to meet some future brothers this week as we get into recruitment week! We discussed a lot of important items of business today so let’s get started! halloween candy costume rat GIF

(Side note: thank you all for your comments today during the meeting! I do appreciate all the feedback and all the words you all have to say. I will be looking into getting emails sent out ASAP should this be a project we are willing to pursue and ensure that you guys have a better knowledge of what goes on inside committees. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to the website, that way, you will get an email notification whenever Kristina or I post to the page! I love my brothers so much and thank you all for this opportunity as your secretary!)chuber channel thank you thanks banana bananas GIF

Want the full details of today’s executive and chapter meeting? Here are the full minutes!

Executive Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting Minutes


  • Shoutout to Bennett for surviving a gameday with his injuries!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for all her hard work with band banquet! cat walking busy hind legs running around GIF
  • Shoutout to Helen, Lily, and Allison for helping out with digitization last week!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for getting a dustpan! #nomorepizzaboxes
  • Shoutout to everyone who helped clean up C199 and the band room yesterday after the game! cat cleaning sweeping GIF
  • Shoutout to Carrie for all her recruitment week work! Get hyped for this next coming week!

Here are some announcements/updates from your executive team!

  • Please change your profile pictures on Facebook to this photo! It only has to stay for this week and it will help recruit brothers, so please do!Image may contain: text
  • Remember this week that you must attend at least two recruitment week events in order to vote on the future brothers!
  • If you know someone who would make a good brother, please invite them to the events on Facebook or talk to them in person.
  • Ritual dates will be put in the calendar by the end of today! The dates are: Feb 4th, 25th, and Mar 11th. These will take place in the Music Theater.
  • Thank you to Colby, Jack, and Gabi for volunteering to be the point-people for flowers for band banquet! #cweetHULU tv snl nbc saturday night live GIF
  • Regarding the Houston project, Tate Carrie, and Kristina got to meet with the band director and discuss some more information regarding the list of items she requested.
    • A majority of the items on the list will be covered by insurance luckily. The items she needs the most are auxiliary percussion instruments.
      • For these instruments, she gave us possible vendors to purchase these instruments from in the Houston area.
    • Kristina will be working to get a video put together with collaboration from the band director.
  • In addition to today’s agenda, we discussed and voted on the probationary status of some members who have missed more than 3 meetings. They will be required to attend every meeting up to the elections while completing three of the digitization events.

Most importantly, we discussed the mid-semester check in results, so here are some of the main points of discussion we had:

  • Our brothers’ well-being is fairly good! We do have some brothers on the negative end of the spectrum, so please be considerate of other people. Not everyone is doing so great, so make sure you know this!
  • People generally feel good about how Kappa is going and what Kappa has been doing this year differently than others. People do rate their personal involvement in the middle of the road but people feel valued and respected for their opinions!
  • We discussed Round Robin – is a way to get more people to speak or taking to much time? We talked about next semester being a time to experiment with other means of input from the chapter, including Google Surveys, etc.
    • In addition to experimentation next semester, the idea of maybe bi-weekly meetings came up with extra committee time during the week. In addition, some requests for the minutes/notification by email were suggested.
  • We discussed how attendance to outside activities tends to be the same amount of people every single time and with little exec representation.
    • Maybe we should be doing more activities on more days of the week?
  • We also discussed getting people more involved. Some people have really good ideas but also need to remember that they can take initiative for their own projects! If you’re interested in starting something, don’t be afraid to ask!
    • Shoutout to Colby for helping start a caroling group! christmas will ferrell elf revolving door GIF
  • For next week, we will discuss some more information regarding changing the meeting time and other comments that were made towards the end of the survey.

That’s all for this week! Thank you all for all that you do and I hope that you guys have an amazing week!