Mini – Minutes 10/7/18

Hello Brothers! What a crazy two weeks with the first round of midterms and two home football games in a row!  In today’s minutes, the Buffs are now 5-0! Woot! Staycation is this weekend, District Day is coming up, and Recruitment week is at the end of this month! Make sure to stay involved with Kappa and as always read the minutes as we will not have another meeting for 3 WEEKS!

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Finally, reach out to anybody you can who might be interested in Kappa! We want a lot of new members and SKOBUFFS!

As always, here are the full meeting minutes:

10/7/18 Chapter Minutes

10/7/18 Exec Minutes


  • Shoutout to the Buffs for being 5-0!!!

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  • Shoutout to everyone in Silver Band for doing a volleyball game on Sunday!
  • Shoutout to Chip for not injuring himself!

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  • Shoutout to Eric, Spencer, and Sully for cleaning the band room!
  • Shoutout to Chip’s mom for being hot! CHIP’S MOM IS HOT
  • Shoutout to Bennett, Carrie, Nate, Ahnika, and Andrew for helping Gabi with a presentation!

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  • Take photos of literally anything you do involving Kappa for scrapbook!!

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  • Wanna know more about ritual?? Ritual report after next chapter meeting! WoOoooAah!

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  • District Day has been moved to November 2nd and 3rd
    • Learn lots of cool stuff about Kappa and the Midwest District!
    • Feat. Sam Faulkner – Go to District Day!
  • Buffs (5-0) NBD

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  • Conducting Clinic – Sunday Nov. 4th (toot toot band is woot)
  • Kappa Kappa Pskate is October 14th 4-6pm
    • Pls come…Jade’s been working real hard

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  • Charity Opportunity in Pueblo – Caroline O’Malley (Read further for more details)



  • Staycation is this week! Friday night on Oct. 12th/13th
    • Feat. Conner’s Spaghetti Sauce
    • Hike, Board games, Bring a coat, Food, Buffs

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  • PsTuesday – PizzaRev! at 7pm
  • Spaghetti Sauce Results
    • Dylan 4.20
    • Luke/Bennett 6.9
    • Conner/Sully 9.6 – Congrats!!!!

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  • Here are the current projects we are working on!
  • Practice Room Cleaning – During recruitment week
  • Sign up for band library organization here!
  • We’re making goodie bags for our Music Major friends!
    • Tea bags, encouraging quotes, etc. during Finals Week! Yay!

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  • Band Banquet meetings will start at 7pm right after our meetings (6pm Sundays)!
  • Training Cards!
    • Gone big scale, please come help!! Talk to Carrie or Conner!
    • Conner almost dies

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  • Conducting clinic is on Sunday Nov. 4th!! At 12pm
    • The sign up to conduct will be posted soon!
  • Kappa Kappa PsRecital – Sunday Dec. 2nd at 10am!
    • Super awesome Breakfast Reception – Please come!
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Look at this! Breakfast foods dancing and singing!

  • Ordering Kappa March
    • We’ll rehearse at the end of one of our future meetings!
    • Performing at PsRecital and at Convention!
  • Symphonic Band Concert 10/14/18 at 2pm


  • Whole bunch of national people coming (like 10…literally 10)
  • Things are moving along really well: the hotel all set up, the website going up, and more logistics figured out. If you haven’t been involved yet. . .everybody will have to take part in at least one of the future subcommittees!
  • Convention t-shirts!
    • Opened up to anyone who wants to design a t-shirt!
    • Theme: Foot of the FlatIrons – Contact Dylan if you have ideas!
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Not a meme, I know, but aren’t they pretty?


  • We set our goals for the rest of the semester!
  • If you want to join, please do, contact Nate!

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  • Future CMEP – History/Kappa March
  • Kappa Pskate – Next Sunday! 4-6pm
    • $2 for skates
    • Gonna be baller! Bring your pals!! We have the whole ice rink!

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  • Info Sessions for Prospective members
    • Oct. 15th/17th – After marching band and symphonic band, respectively
    • There might be pizza…
  • Last week of October…Recruitment Week! Aaahh!!
    • Monday: Dinner night out, profit share
    • PsTuesday
    • Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt that is Pspooky
    • Thursday: Service event
    • Friday: Breakfast event…little croissant
  • Reach out to people to get them to join!!!! Hit Jade up if you need to!

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You can see all of these dates I talked about on the Kappa Calendar! If there isn’t something on there that was mentioned, please talk to Spencer!


  • Project moving along! We can give funds to incoming freshmen and eventually the scholarship application will be added to the registration form!

Communications and Outreach

  • We just need one more person to sign up please! Thanks Ben!!


  • Doing the spooks, we’re doing Sunday!!

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NatCon is going to be SUPER AWESOME! So all of you should come! Please!

  • July 16th – 20th, 2019 – 100th Year of Kappa!!!!
  • Stillwater, Oklahoma – We’re all going to drive!
  • Very low cost – CU will pay for most, so don’t worry!
  • So many cool things!!!!
    • Passing of the Ring of Presidents, Meeting new brothers, Reason we have Glory, Heck ton of Pswag, Dance classes, Super heckin’ cool desserts, Might meet JP, Brotherhood and so many more other events and reasons to go!
    • (Esp. the cool lamp)

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  • You can go even if you’ve graduated by then! Most of the chapter is planning to go!
  • Find out more info about NatCon by talking to past travelers, Ahnika, Bennett, Carrie, Gabi, Nate, Andrew or reach out to Gabi! Click here for more info!

After discussing why you all should go to NatCon! We had a well thought out seminar on helping out Caroline O’Malley with her startup pepband down in Pueblo! Here are some major points! (You can read the full minutes here)

  • Exposing 10 high school students from Swallows Chapter Academy to music!
  • Pueblo has limited resources in terms of music supplies, difficulties
  • We should buy permanent items for the students, not rentals so that we aren’t entitled to rent for these students every year
  • Although we have a large budget, it will be tight because of Convention front
  • Final Discussed Idea: $750 to give to Caroline, everything has to be permanent, buying school-owned instruments, stay within school, we will reimburse, have her send us everything she wants to buy, give receipts, transactions will be posted online to chapter, everything will directly contribute to playing music
  • Vote to approve money towards Caroline’s Project: Motion passed!!

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We then voted on the theme for Band Banquet!

After considering several awesome ideas with crowd favorites of “lamp” and the trio, “Clue (the game)”, “Clue (the movie)”, and “Murder Mystery”, we picked . . . drum roll please. . .(we can’t tell you yet because it’s going to be a surprise)! It’s going to be super awesome everybody so talk to Carrie or Conner if you want to help out!

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But seriously…don’t tell

Closing Announcements

  • Next meeting is Oct. 28th! (in 3 weeks – Read the minutes/stay involved with Kappa!)
  • Skobuffs
  • Pay your dues!!! Bennett called you out if you haven’t yet
  • Mid-semester check-in
    • Will be sent out in the next couple weeks (FB, email, please fill out!) We will go over at next meeting – Oct. 28th!
  • Pray for Stazie’s cat (It’s Stazie’s roommate’s cat)
  • Buffs (5-0)
  • Get new members to join Kappa! Recruitment week starts the 29th! So you have 3 weeks from today to get as many people interested!

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Skype with Evan Thompson (recorded)

For your future reference and viewing pleasure, here is the Skype conversation we had with the Kappa Kappa Psi National President, Evan Thompson, on November 12th, 2017! Any time you’d like to reference it, you can click on its tag in the tag cloud on the sidebar of the website.




Mini Minutes – 10/29/17

Happy Hallow’s Eve Eve everyone! Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for Halloween! Get ready to meet some future brothers this week as we get into recruitment week! We discussed a lot of important items of business today so let’s get started! halloween candy costume rat GIF

(Side note: thank you all for your comments today during the meeting! I do appreciate all the feedback and all the words you all have to say. I will be looking into getting emails sent out ASAP should this be a project we are willing to pursue and ensure that you guys have a better knowledge of what goes on inside committees. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to the website, that way, you will get an email notification whenever Kristina or I post to the page! I love my brothers so much and thank you all for this opportunity as your secretary!)chuber channel thank you thanks banana bananas GIF

Want the full details of today’s executive and chapter meeting? Here are the full minutes!

Executive Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting Minutes


  • Shoutout to Bennett for surviving a gameday with his injuries!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for all her hard work with band banquet! cat walking busy hind legs running around GIF
  • Shoutout to Helen, Lily, and Allison for helping out with digitization last week!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for getting a dustpan! #nomorepizzaboxes
  • Shoutout to everyone who helped clean up C199 and the band room yesterday after the game! cat cleaning sweeping GIF
  • Shoutout to Carrie for all her recruitment week work! Get hyped for this next coming week!

Here are some announcements/updates from your executive team!

  • Please change your profile pictures on Facebook to this photo! It only has to stay for this week and it will help recruit brothers, so please do!Image may contain: text
  • Remember this week that you must attend at least two recruitment week events in order to vote on the future brothers!
  • If you know someone who would make a good brother, please invite them to the events on Facebook or talk to them in person.
  • Ritual dates will be put in the calendar by the end of today! The dates are: Feb 4th, 25th, and Mar 11th. These will take place in the Music Theater.
  • Thank you to Colby, Jack, and Gabi for volunteering to be the point-people for flowers for band banquet! #cweetHULU tv snl nbc saturday night live GIF
  • Regarding the Houston project, Tate Carrie, and Kristina got to meet with the band director and discuss some more information regarding the list of items she requested.
    • A majority of the items on the list will be covered by insurance luckily. The items she needs the most are auxiliary percussion instruments.
      • For these instruments, she gave us possible vendors to purchase these instruments from in the Houston area.
    • Kristina will be working to get a video put together with collaboration from the band director.
  • In addition to today’s agenda, we discussed and voted on the probationary status of some members who have missed more than 3 meetings. They will be required to attend every meeting up to the elections while completing three of the digitization events.

Most importantly, we discussed the mid-semester check in results, so here are some of the main points of discussion we had:

  • Our brothers’ well-being is fairly good! We do have some brothers on the negative end of the spectrum, so please be considerate of other people. Not everyone is doing so great, so make sure you know this!
  • People generally feel good about how Kappa is going and what Kappa has been doing this year differently than others. People do rate their personal involvement in the middle of the road but people feel valued and respected for their opinions!
  • We discussed Round Robin – is a way to get more people to speak or taking to much time? We talked about next semester being a time to experiment with other means of input from the chapter, including Google Surveys, etc.
    • In addition to experimentation next semester, the idea of maybe bi-weekly meetings came up with extra committee time during the week. In addition, some requests for the minutes/notification by email were suggested.
  • We discussed how attendance to outside activities tends to be the same amount of people every single time and with little exec representation.
    • Maybe we should be doing more activities on more days of the week?
  • We also discussed getting people more involved. Some people have really good ideas but also need to remember that they can take initiative for their own projects! If you’re interested in starting something, don’t be afraid to ask!
    • Shoutout to Colby for helping start a caroling group! christmas will ferrell elf revolving door GIF
  • For next week, we will discuss some more information regarding changing the meeting time and other comments that were made towards the end of the survey.

That’s all for this week! Thank you all for all that you do and I hope that you guys have an amazing week!