Mini Minutes 2/26/17

Hello all! A lot of announcements today, so many cool things happening in our chapter, here we go:

  • If you want to attend Midwest District Convention (March 31st- April 2nd) you need to tell Floyd by Wednesday!
    • He will register for you, and you will need to pay Bennett the registration fee – $35.75 (10 more bucks if you wait another week)
  • Look out for  a mid-semester survey coming to you from Kristina this week
  • The financial team will now be using a money request form to organize payments, fill one of these out whenever you need to pay Kappa or charge Kappa for anything.
  • Everyone make sure you have signed up for receptions
  • Let Carrie know by Tuesday if you want to attend the CSO Pokemon Evolutions concert March 9th


  • Also talk to Carrie if you want to audition for the NIB (National Intercollegiate Band)
  • Nice job to all on CU Honor Band
    • you may retrieve a hug from Conner if interested
  • And FINALLY; congrats to Spencer, Maddie, and Nate for being elected into the PM exec committee, the future’s looking real bright y’all.

See you all next Sunday at 4pm for the MEP and 5 for the meeting! (back at good ole’ UMC 382-384)