Membership Requirements 

Active Members:

  • One reception (at least) a year
  • Participate in recital once a year
  • Attendance
    • Allowed up to 3 meeting absences + 2 Skype-ins
    • Any more than 3 and you must talk to the President about individual situations; may be placed on probation
  • Help with CU Band Day and CU Honor Band (which ever is occurring that semester; must do both)
  • At least 2 events of your choice (service, brotherhood, music, etc.)
  • Pay dues


Prospective Members:

  • Attend at least two regular meetings during your probationary period (pre-active status)
  • Participate in recital that first semester
  • PM service project
  • Attend all MEPs; talk to Vice President if you need to make up any MEPs
  • Pay dues