My deepest apologies for the confustion regarding this weekend. The meeting at retreat is not required (I.e. count against your attendance) but we will likely do committees and perhaps more survey discussion!
Sunday 11/5: is a required meeting! We will be voting on whether or not to accept people as MCs (I.e. send them a bid letter). This will be the only business for Sunday. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
– K. Lu


Mini Minutes – 10/29/17

Happy Hallow’s Eve Eve everyone! Hope everyone had a great week and is ready for Halloween! Get ready to meet some future brothers this week as we get into recruitment week! We discussed a lot of important items of business today so let’s get started! halloween candy costume rat GIF

(Side note: thank you all for your comments today during the meeting! I do appreciate all the feedback and all the words you all have to say. I will be looking into getting emails sent out ASAP should this be a project we are willing to pursue and ensure that you guys have a better knowledge of what goes on inside committees. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to the website, that way, you will get an email notification whenever Kristina or I post to the page! I love my brothers so much and thank you all for this opportunity as your secretary!)chuber channel thank you thanks banana bananas GIF

Want the full details of today’s executive and chapter meeting? Here are the full minutes!

Executive Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting Minutes


  • Shoutout to Bennett for surviving a gameday with his injuries!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for all her hard work with band banquet! cat walking busy hind legs running around GIF
  • Shoutout to Helen, Lily, and Allison for helping out with digitization last week!
  • Shoutout to Maddie for getting a dustpan! #nomorepizzaboxes
  • Shoutout to everyone who helped clean up C199 and the band room yesterday after the game! cat cleaning sweeping GIF
  • Shoutout to Carrie for all her recruitment week work! Get hyped for this next coming week!

Here are some announcements/updates from your executive team!

  • Please change your profile pictures on Facebook to this photo! It only has to stay for this week and it will help recruit brothers, so please do!Image may contain: text
  • Remember this week that you must attend at least two recruitment week events in order to vote on the future brothers!
  • If you know someone who would make a good brother, please invite them to the events on Facebook or talk to them in person.
  • Ritual dates will be put in the calendar by the end of today! The dates are: Feb 4th, 25th, and Mar 11th. These will take place in the Music Theater.
  • Thank you to Colby, Jack, and Gabi for volunteering to be the point-people for flowers for band banquet! #cweetHULU tv snl nbc saturday night live GIF
  • Regarding the Houston project, Tate Carrie, and Kristina got to meet with the band director and discuss some more information regarding the list of items she requested.
    • A majority of the items on the list will be covered by insurance luckily. The items she needs the most are auxiliary percussion instruments.
      • For these instruments, she gave us possible vendors to purchase these instruments from in the Houston area.
    • Kristina will be working to get a video put together with collaboration from the band director.
  • In addition to today’s agenda, we discussed and voted on the probationary status of some members who have missed more than 3 meetings. They will be required to attend every meeting up to the elections while completing three of the digitization events.

Most importantly, we discussed the mid-semester check in results, so here are some of the main points of discussion we had:

  • Our brothers’ well-being is fairly good! We do have some brothers on the negative end of the spectrum, so please be considerate of other people. Not everyone is doing so great, so make sure you know this!
  • People generally feel good about how Kappa is going and what Kappa has been doing this year differently than others. People do rate their personal involvement in the middle of the road but people feel valued and respected for their opinions!
  • We discussed Round Robin – is a way to get more people to speak or taking to much time? We talked about next semester being a time to experiment with other means of input from the chapter, including Google Surveys, etc.
    • In addition to experimentation next semester, the idea of maybe bi-weekly meetings came up with extra committee time during the week. In addition, some requests for the minutes/notification by email were suggested.
  • We discussed how attendance to outside activities tends to be the same amount of people every single time and with little exec representation.
    • Maybe we should be doing more activities on more days of the week?
  • We also discussed getting people more involved. Some people have really good ideas but also need to remember that they can take initiative for their own projects! If you’re interested in starting something, don’t be afraid to ask!
    • Shoutout to Colby for helping start a caroling group! christmas will ferrell elf revolving door GIF
  • For next week, we will discuss some more information regarding changing the meeting time and other comments that were made towards the end of the survey.

That’s all for this week! Thank you all for all that you do and I hope that you guys have an amazing week!

Mini Minutes – 10/22/17

Hello brothers! Hope everyone has had a great week as we progress into round two of midterms! Keep up with all your homework and exams, but take some time for yourself! This week’s meeting was short and sweet, so let’s get started!Y8CtGhC - Imgur.gif


  • Shoutout to the brothers who went on the hike yesterday! They broke their record of seeing 28 dogs and saw 33 and 1 cat!
  • Shoutout to Ahnika and Andrew for attending the CSO concert today!
  • Shoutout to Trevor, Hannah, Eric, Spencer, and Lily for helping with the first digitization session!
  • Shoutout to Lily for posting all the adventures with Glory to Snapchat last week!
  • Shoutout to Gabi for filling with when Helen needed help last week!
    SpongeBob SquarePants spongebob squarepants spongebob high five teamwork GIF
  • Happy birthday Hannah! reaction happy party excited birthday GIF
  • And most importantly, shoutout to all you brothers for surviving your first round of midterms and being here!

Now for some announcements from your exec team!

  • November 12 is our Skype session with the national president! This begins at 1pm so make sure you are there!
  • Concert Band is performing tomorrow at 7:30pm in Grusin! Come support your fellow brothers!
  • UNC’s Third Degree was moved to 11/26 at 7pm! Come if you are interested.
  • Please please please make sure to fill out the mid-semester check-in form! You can find it by clicking here. please stitch lilo and stitch beg GIF
  • Remember that you must attend at least two recruitment week events!
  • Tonight is the next digitization night! Keep posted on the Facebook page for the third digitization event!
  • If you want access to the archives, contact Trevor!
  • Conducting Clinic is on November 4th, however, with a time conflict with the Women’s Basketball game, it will be moved to 11am. If you notice any major schedule conflicts with this, please contact Andrew right away!
  • Andrew needs people to announce about Conducting Clinic at all music major/band events! Please announce in NAfME, band rehearsals, to your studios, etc.
  • The signup for the 12/9 recital is on the website or by clicking here.
  • Thanks for going to Chipotle last week! This week will be bowling at the Connection, so stay posted!
  • Please vote in the Staycation poll regarding dinner as soon as possible!
  • Cal’s band will not be coming sadly, however, USC will still be bringing a band so we will be making snack packs for them. sad panda sad panda GIF
  • Band Banquet planning is underway! If you have any ideas regarding decorations, please contact Maddie!
  • Sign up for taking care of Glory throughout the week! Signups are on the website or by clicking here.

We broke up into committees for the remainder of the meeting. Here is what we discussed:

  • The Houston Relief committee discussed the list that the band director sent across. Kristina will be communicating further with the director to see what she would like us to purchase!
    • In addition, Boise State (thanks to Gabi) has given us some help on how to run a dance-a-thon that could help us fundraise lots of money for this cause or another!
  • The band banquet discussed some ideas for decorations and activities.
    • They talked about having a photo booth (in which if you have prop ideas, talk to Maddie!), awards, and trading cards!
    • Decorations will be birthday themed for Ralphie’s birthday. If you have any other ideas for decorations, please contact Maddie!
  • In the Staycation committee, they discussed ideas and plans for the activities that we will do!
    • Bring your favorite board game!
    • We will be hiking near Flagstaff, so if you have any ideas for trails, let Leo know.
    • We will watch a movie, make smoreos, etc.
    • Please make sure to vote on the dinner poll!
  • In the PR committee, they discussed some more information about getting Kappa out to the public, especially during recruitment week.
    • A list was made of all that Kappa does and will be posted on the board, etc.
    • Cards will be made that outline all the activities for recruitment week!
    • Polls will be made to show how many of us are in ensembles outside of band, are music majors, etc.
    • Brother of the week will be posted alongside Throwback Thursdays and other events! Make sure you’re following the Instagram so you can see all these posts!

Some closing announcements from your brothers:

  • Andrew and Hannah are playing in the Opera, “The Married Widow”! Come support your brothers!
  • Make sure you’re keeping up with your payment plans for dues!  GIF

That’s all for this week! Thank you and have a great rest of your week!


Mini Minutes – 10/15/17

Hello everyone! Hope everyone made it through the last week alright and had a nice relaxing weekend! The weather has been great and I hope you all have been taking advantage of this great fall weather! Let’s get started. fall autumn leaves hedgehog GIF


  • Nate made a beautiful financial report! You can find this report on the website or by clicking here!
  • Buffs won against Oregon State, 36-33! sad episode 8 upset season 16 worried GIF
  • Ahnika provided the district with vegan food all weekend at District Days! Thanks to Tate and Ahnika for representing Alpha Iota at District Days this past weekend!
  • Carrie drove all the way from home early this morning for our Kappa hike! Special thanks to her and Sully for showing up this morning for this hike!

Now for some announcements from your exec team!

  • Mark your calendars for a Nov. 12 Skype-in meeting with the national president at 1pm! Note this change in the schedule!
  • UNC’s Third Degree will be on Nov. 19 – attend if you’re interested!
  • The mid-semester check-in was sent out today! Click here to complete the survey. Please complete the survey by next meeting! development product survey imguriansso httptinyurlcomqz9mxsj GIF
  • First Recruitment meeting is this Friday at 6:15! Encourage your section and studio, especially those who you believe would make a great membership candidate.
  • Kappa Hike 2.0 is this Saturday at 10am. Please come!
  • Scrapbook has been started! If you would like to help make a page or anything, feel free to log into the Shutterfly! Photos are still needed.
  • Digitization was completed for the first time today! Stay posted for future days.
  • Recital will be Dec. 9 at 10am!
  • Vote on the Stravinsky event page for the best time to go this weekend!
  • This week’s Kappa Kappa Pstuesday will be a dinner night! Stay posted for the Facebook event.

 time college dinner GIF

  • We may be discussing the possibility of a larger brotherhood event! Dec. 2 looks like the best date, but stay posted. Let Leo know of any ideas if you would like!
  • The next District Days will be Feb. 9/10 and will include aspects of ritual. Stay posted for later information!

We then broke up into lots of committees!

  • Jurisdiction committee talked further about Section II today, changing some basic wording and also reassigning some duties to specific roles.
    • Next week will focus on the election/amendment procedure in order to get ahead for the upcoming elections!
  • Service talked about some ideas for themes for passed around. Our official band banquet theme for 2017 will be centered around Ralphie’s anniversary!CUBoulder college mascot buffalo ralphie GIF
  • Music committee talked about some logistics of  conducting clinic. A signup is posted for conducting clinic downstairs! If you are interested in harassing people to sign up, let Andrew know!
  • The music major committee discussed some recruitment ideas within the College of Music. They made a list of potential candidates and will be discussing membership with them. If you know a music major personally, encourage them to join!
  • Brotherhood committee talked about our staycation. Dinner will start at 8ish and include a meeting, improv games, and midnight hike.
  • The Houston committee gave an update as to our current situation. We have found one school that we are going to get in contact with and in future committees, we will be discussing the logistics of crowdfunding!

Some last minute announcements and notes!

  • Come to the concert this Wednesday, support some of your brothers!
  • NAfME’s soccer tournament will be next weekend and they need members to join a pep band! If you’re interested, contact Carrie.
  • Financial reports are on the website!
  • If you’re helping with ritual composition, Kristina will be contacting you this week, so keep on the lookout!
  • We got the Road to Wisdom books today!

Thank you brothers for being great! See you next week.

Mini-Minutes – 10/8/17

Hey everyone! It has been quite the week this past week, which as Kristina and Dr. D have spoken about this week, it’s important to maintain a tight community. Thank you brothers for doing all you’ve done for the chapter and let’s continue to let this community thrive!GIPHY Studios Originals love heart amor tongue GIF


  • Thank you to everyone who helped clean practice rooms last week! Additional thanks to Conner for helping organize it!Hollywood Suite cleaning robin williams broom chores GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who helped stack chairs and stands before the game yesterday and cleaning up afterwards!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped finally finish building the chair racks!Dan Blaushild rock chair punk rock puns GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who has been uploading their photos to the Shutterfly!
  • Thank you to Gabi with all their work with the practice rooms!
  • Thank you to Leo for organizing such great Kappa Kappa Pstuesdays!
  • Shoutout to Denver and Lexi for helping with the truck in marching band!

Now here are some announcements from your exec team!

  • As a reminder, meetings are 15 minutes longer regularly. Since this wasn’t the expectation at the beginning of the year, it’s okay to leave early if necessary.
  • Evan Thompson will be speaking to us at 1pm on 11/12! Remember that this meeting time has changed so make plans accordingly!
  • If you’re interested in joining the group composing music for the ritual, see Kristina! music rock air guitar beavis and butthead rocking out GIF
  • UNC’s Third Degree is on 11/19 if you’re interested in attending!
  • The Kappa Hike will be 10/15 at 9am! 2-3 people are still necessary to pick people up on campus! Post on the Facebook event page if you’re interested!
  • IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT, DUE IT (Pay your dues ASAP to Bennett!)
  • Conducting Clinic will be November 4th from 12-3pm! Registration is electronic so see Andrew for more info!When you're conducting the most fire overture of 1956 - Imgur
  • Polls will be posted to the CSO Event pages for more info on finding a specific date!
  • Send in photos for the band banquet slideshow as soon as possible!
  • This week’s Kappa Kappa Pstuesday will be seeing Kingsman 2 at 9pm! Check out the Facebook page for more information.
  • Band Banquet planning begins next week! Start thinking of themes and decorations.
  • This Wednesday will be the marching band Kappa Kappa Psphoto after rehearsal! Come join us!

Afterwards, we had a discussion based on suggestion box comments. The first discussed Rockies.

  • The Rockies fundraiser got us a ton of money for this year (44% of our budget) which was super helpful for lots of really cool things we can do as a chapter! However, the time commitment did get a little overwhelming with the weird rules that the coordinator kept throwing on the group
    • The general consensus was that we should keep going through with this and emphasize the importance of commitment before signing up.
    • By a unanimous vote, the Rockies fundraiser will continue next semester.

Next, we discussed another suggestion box comment about recitals and receptions.

  • Receptions, especially towards the end of last year, had a very unbalanced amount of people which either led to overwhelming amounts of people or underwhelming amounts of people. With such a turnout, is this requirement necessary?
    • General consensus: having lots of people with reception would be nice just to have in case of an emergency. It’s better to be overstaffed than understaffed.
  • Recital is necessary for membership in Alpha Iota, but it appears that people treat this more as a chore rather than something as a chapter. Instrumentation seems off balanced with lots of instruments too.
    • General consensus: Musicianship is important for KKY (considering it’s one of the pillars) and should be kept as a requirement. Instrumentation issues can be fixed with better organization.
  • By a unanimous vote, the reception requirement was kept to one a year and the recital requirement was kept to one performance a year.

That’s all for this week! Hope you all have a great week and go buffs!

Mini Minutes – 10/1/17

Hello everyone! Hope everyone survived the first part of midterms! Good luck on all your future midterms and let’s get started with this week’s minutes.


  • Shoutout to everyone who went on the UCLA trip! You all sounded amazing and represented the buffs well after a tough loss!
  • Shoutout to Helen for post Glory’s adventure through LA this weekend on Snapchat!
  • Shoutout to Nate for getting all the shirts out in a timely manner! Additional thanks to everyone who helped Nate get these shirts/get them organized for distribution! what hey shopping shop GIF

Some important announcements from your executive team:

  • Since meetings have been taking a bit longer to finish, meetings will now officially end at 6:15. If you need to leave at 6, that’s fine, but please stay if you are able to!
  • District Day is October 13th/14th in Kearney, NE! Talk to Kristina or Tate if you’re interested in going.
  • If you have any UCLA photos, make sure to upload them in the Photos tab to both the UCLA Google Album and the Shutterfly for the scrapbook!
  • If you’re interested in composing music to be played at rituals, talk to Kristina!
  • There will be no meeting on November 19th, however, the meeting has been moved on November 12th. Executive will be at 12 and the regular meeting will be at 1. Evan Thompson might Skype in to discuss ritual, so don’t miss out!
  • The Kappa hike was moved to October 15th at 9am! 2-3 people are needed to help pick people up around campus. Talk to Carrie if you’re interested!
  • PAY YOUR DUES! Talk to Bennett about your payment plans or to finish paying off what you owe ASAP.
  • Music majors should now start asking around to see who would like to conduct at conducting clinic! Start spreading the word and encourage people to come play music!                                     music cheezburger caturday conducting conductingcats GIF
  • This Kappa Kappa Pstuesday will be another pstudy session! Details will be on the Facebook page.
  • Practice room cleaning is this Wednesday at 7pm, ran by Conner! fail car infomercial clean car wash GIF
  • Signup to babysit Glory here! There are no requirements, just take care of her!

We broke up into several committees today as well:

  • Jurisdiction committee looked at the first half of Article II Section I of the constitution. Changes to be proposed include some language edits and duties of the secretary.
  • Membership solidified the recruitment week activities!
    • Tuesday: Anderson Farms, 7pm at College of Music for Carpool
    • Wednesday: Service night, 7:30pm in the Vortex
    • Thursday: Mixer night! Symphonic Band record listening
    • Friday: Staycation! 8pm at the Sax Shack disney halloween halloweentown it's lit GIF
  • Service committee focused on the Houston high school band benefit! We will be looking into some crowdfunding and possibly matching our own funds to benefit a low-income school affected by the hurricanes.
  • Music brainstormed some ways to get our music out into the world, and focused on looking at musical performances in the College of Music and Boulder, playing in retirement homes, and serenading a sorority!

Some additional announcements:

  • Dr. Roeder asked Kappa to purchase music folders for the concert band! Bennett will be meeting with Dr. Roeder this week to discuss further logistics. This money will come out of the $2500 set aside at the beginning of the year.

Thank you all! Hope you all have a great week and go buffs!

Mini Minutes – 9/24/17

Hey brothers! Hope the first round of midterms hasn’t killed you all yet, or if you’re about to take midterms, good luck and make sure you take care of yourself! school test college class high school GIF


  • Congrats to everyone who performed in the Wind Psymphony and Psymphonic Band concert! Additionally thank you to all the brothers who came out to support! party band hamster jazz divertidos GIF
  • Thanks to Andrew for driving to Fort Collins to get band t-shirts! Additional thanks to Kristina, Conner, and Nate for sorting shirts and getting them ready for distribution!
  • Thank you to Maddie for helping plan and make snack packs for the Washington and UNC pep bands!Cheezburger funny snacks nom nom nom squirrels GIF
  • Maddie also thanks everyone who helped distribute snacks for the Washington pep band and cleaning the band room after the game yesterday!
  • Allison took Glory along this week and attended the concert with Glory! Thank you to Allison for uploading Glory’s adventures for the last week.

Now for some announcements from your exec team:

  • Announcements will be posted on a Powerpoint and will be projected as you come into the meetings! Pay attention to these announcements and see what’s up inside Alpha Iota.
  • Pay your dues! Dues are either due in full by today or a payment plan must be set up! Talk with Bennett for more information.
  • Trevor needs your photos still! Follow the link on this website for the information to upload to Shutterfly.
  • Digitization will begin shortly after the football season ends so stay tuned for further info.
  • Conducting Clinic will be 11/4 from 12-3! lisa simpson episode 16 season 11 11x16 sherri GIF
  • CSO Concerts will be Stravinsky on 10/20-22 or Rachmanioff on 11/17-19. Dates will be chosen as we get closer!
  • The next Kappa Kappa Pstuesdays will be a pstudy session in the music library! Check out the Facebook page for more info. cat work computer working download GIF
  • Sign-ups for game day cleanups can be found on the sign-ups tab! We still need more people!
  • Cal will most likely bring a band and USC will bring around 80 people, so keep posted for further snack bag information.
  • Conner will be leading the next practice room cleaning on October 4th at 7pm, come help serve!
  • Keep an eye out for all the material coming from the exec team for the Midwest district! They have been meeting and planning really fun things for all our chapters, so it’s worth a look!

In addition, we granted conditional status to Jade Garcia, Jalen Bell-Syftestad, and Denver Hall.

We then broke into committees!

  • Jurisdiction committee found 5 possible changes for Article I and will be focusing on Article II Section I for next week.
  • Membership focused on more qualities for the ideal brother and discussed further recruitment week activities, like bringing a friend to Kappa Kappa Pstuesdays.
  • Service focused on our fellow music majors and planned projects to help around jury time. Additional projects discussed included replacing the acoustic walls in the downstairs practice rooms and fundraising for high school bands in Houston.
  • Music focused on what Kristina learned from her Strive Together talks last week, discussing our overarching goal of working to improve our own personal musicianship.

That’s all for this week! Good luck on all your midterms and have a great week! Good luck to everyone who will be going on the UCLA pep band trip next weekend as well!