Mini-Minutes – 10/8/17

Hey everyone! It has been quite the week this past week, which as Kristina and Dr. D have spoken about this week, it’s important to maintain a tight community. Thank you brothers for doing all you’ve done for the chapter and let’s continue to let this community thrive!GIPHY Studios Originals love heart amor tongue GIF


  • Thank you to everyone who helped clean practice rooms last week! Additional thanks to Conner for helping organize it!Hollywood Suite cleaning robin williams broom chores GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who helped stack chairs and stands before the game yesterday and cleaning up afterwards!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped finally finish building the chair racks!Dan Blaushild rock chair punk rock puns GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who has been uploading their photos to the Shutterfly!
  • Thank you to Gabi with all their work with the practice rooms!
  • Thank you to Leo for organizing such great Kappa Kappa Pstuesdays!
  • Shoutout to Denver and Lexi for helping with the truck in marching band!

Now here are some announcements from your exec team!

  • As a reminder, meetings are 15 minutes longer regularly. Since this wasn’t the expectation at the beginning of the year, it’s okay to leave early if necessary.
  • Evan Thompson will be speaking to us at 1pm on 11/12! Remember that this meeting time has changed so make plans accordingly!
  • If you’re interested in joining the group composing music for the ritual, see Kristina! music rock air guitar beavis and butthead rocking out GIF
  • UNC’s Third Degree is on 11/19 if you’re interested in attending!
  • The Kappa Hike will be 10/15 at 9am! 2-3 people are still necessary to pick people up on campus! Post on the Facebook event page if you’re interested!
  • IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT, DUE IT (Pay your dues ASAP to Bennett!)
  • Conducting Clinic will be November 4th from 12-3pm! Registration is electronic so see Andrew for more info!When you're conducting the most fire overture of 1956 - Imgur
  • Polls will be posted to the CSO Event pages for more info on finding a specific date!
  • Send in photos for the band banquet slideshow as soon as possible!
  • This week’s Kappa Kappa Pstuesday will be seeing Kingsman 2 at 9pm! Check out the Facebook page for more information.
  • Band Banquet planning begins next week! Start thinking of themes and decorations.
  • This Wednesday will be the marching band Kappa Kappa Psphoto after rehearsal! Come join us!

Afterwards, we had a discussion based on suggestion box comments. The first discussed Rockies.

  • The Rockies fundraiser got us a ton of money for this year (44% of our budget) which was super helpful for lots of really cool things we can do as a chapter! However, the time commitment did get a little overwhelming with the weird rules that the coordinator kept throwing on the group
    • The general consensus was that we should keep going through with this and emphasize the importance of commitment before signing up.
    • By a unanimous vote, the Rockies fundraiser will continue next semester.

Next, we discussed another suggestion box comment about recitals and receptions.

  • Receptions, especially towards the end of last year, had a very unbalanced amount of people which either led to overwhelming amounts of people or underwhelming amounts of people. With such a turnout, is this requirement necessary?
    • General consensus: having lots of people with reception would be nice just to have in case of an emergency. It’s better to be overstaffed than understaffed.
  • Recital is necessary for membership in Alpha Iota, but it appears that people treat this more as a chore rather than something as a chapter. Instrumentation seems off balanced with lots of instruments too.
    • General consensus: Musicianship is important for KKY (considering it’s one of the pillars) and should be kept as a requirement. Instrumentation issues can be fixed with better organization.
  • By a unanimous vote, the reception requirement was kept to one a year and the recital requirement was kept to one performance a year.

That’s all for this week! Hope you all have a great week and go buffs!