Mini-Minutes – 2/3/18

Congrats to everyone who went through First Degree last night! I’m so glad that so many MCs are one step closer to becoming active brothers! Huge thanks to the Ritual Committee, Josh, and Brandon for putting together a great ceremony, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the degrees look like!excited happy birthday GIF

As always, you can read the fully detailed minutes for both exec and the chapter.

Chapter Minutes and Exec Minutes


  • Josh Wilson is officially everyone’s hero. Shoutout to Josh for completely revamping all the ritual!explode death star GIF
  • Shoutout to Carrie, Nate, David, and Owen for helping digitize 178 documents (oh my worddddd)                                   oh my god omg GIF
  • Shoutout to all the members of the Membership Committee for making a successful Big Brother guide!
  • Shoutout to all the committee heads for all their work during this transition to the new committee system!
  • Shoutout to Josh for helping teach the MEP when Carrie was sick!
  • Shoutout to Nate for going to class even though he got hit by a car! (He’s literally Oprah)
  • Shoutout to everyone for showing up to the meeting yesterday with nearly 100% attendance!
  • Shoutout to Hannah Harm for getting a contract to march Santa Clara Vanguard!
  • Shoutout to Conner Lewis for getting a contract with the Oregon Crusaders (and getting section leader??? whaaaaat???)

oh my god wow GIF


  • District Day is two weeks from now! You MUST register for this event. This event should be almost free (you only have to buy lunch) and it’s just at Mines, so please consider going! You can register by clicking the link on the Facebook event here.
  • CU Honor Band is three weeks from now! Shoutout to Gena for all her hard work with this project!way to go good job GIF by Target
  • Glory needs a home! You can always sign-up to take care of her through the sign-ups tab on the Website!
  • PsTuesdays this week is board games in the Music Seminar Room at 7:30!
  • Big Brothers will be added to the Epsilon Epsilon Facebook page very soon!
  • Digitization is this Thursday from 6:30-8:45!
  • Thank you to the actives who have signed up to help with reception this week! You can sign-up for a reception by clicking here or by going to the sign-ups tab on the website!
  • Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for a poll about cleaning the Kappa closet!

After this, we had a brief discussion about extending a fellow brother’s suspension and looked at some conditional letters. We then had our first committee debrief!


  • Music Committee
    • Three people are working together so far, currently brainstorming ideas!
      • Current ideas include a dress rehearsal for recital, reaching out to the committee for performances as a chapter.
    • Conducting Clinic is gearing up – if you’re in any conducting classes, start spreading the word and getting people interested in joining!spongebob squarepants nickelodeon GIF
    • Andrew wants more people! Please consider attending and get your voice heard!
  • Service Committee
    • CU Honor Band is in full swing! Look out for volunteer information very soon (remember – you must participate in this event!)
    • T-Shirts have one hella nice design, thanks Colby!thank you so much GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
    • They had a brainstorm session for some projects over the semester.
      • Kappa Closet Cleanout, Music Outreach with local middle and high schools, Dance-a-thon!
    • Gena wants people who are willing to start their own projects, come to the next meeting and get some ideas out there!
    • There will be a Facebook group to coordinate everyone, talk to Gena for more info.
  • Brotherhood Committee
    • PsTuesdays have been great for the last two weeks (but for real can we talk about how we literally invaded BJs with like 35 pizookie orders)!
    • Committees will be during or after brotherhood activities, but Leo is willing to meet with people separately for some ideas!
    • We discussed retreat during the meeting during this part. You can see Leo’s presentation by clicking here. If you want to suggest anything, Leo is open for any comments or suggestions!treat yourself parks and recreation GIF
  • Scrapbook Committee
    • They went over what the committee will entail this week and brainstormed ideas for the scrapbook.
    • Meetings aren’t necessary, but if you’re interested, Trevor will add you to the Facebook group! There will be weekly assignments, but they are super easy and fun!
  • Houston Committee
    • Kristina wants someone who is good at making videos! Talk to her if you’re interested.
    • YouCaring will be the crowdfunding platform to raise $9000! Kristina and Stazie are meeting with an advisor this week for more information.
  • Membership Committee
    • Five people are meeting on a biweekly basis to go over the MEP material and structure the lessons.
    • The Big Brother Guide was released this week!
    • Carrie needs more people, please consider joining, especially if you’re curious what it’s like to be VP!
  • Ritual Committee
    • God bless Joshblessed GIF by Tashi Condelee
    • Rehearsal was last week, getting ready for Second Degree now!
      • If you’re interested in reading for second degree, you must be a part of the committee!
    • Thank you to everyone who made last week’s rehearsal! It was definitely worth it.
  • Jurisdiction Committee
    • They went through Article II, entailing the roles of each officer.
    • Discussed the possible addition of a definitions appendix for further clarification.
    • Nate would love some more input! Come look through the constitution!
  • We also discussed some aspects about the MC committee requirement. They are technically not required to join any committees, however, it’s strongly suggested they explore each core committee.
  • You must sign up and participate in one committee throughout the entire year! You can sign up by clicking this link!


We then went over to the Music Theater and rehearsed for First Degree!


That’s all for today’s meeting! Thank you to everyone who came and helped with First Degree! Have a great rest of your week and hope the first round of midterms goes well for everyone!dance moves GIF by Tashi Condelee


Mini-Minutes – 10/8/17

Hey everyone! It has been quite the week this past week, which as Kristina and Dr. D have spoken about this week, it’s important to maintain a tight community. Thank you brothers for doing all you’ve done for the chapter and let’s continue to let this community thrive!GIPHY Studios Originals love heart amor tongue GIF


  • Thank you to everyone who helped clean practice rooms last week! Additional thanks to Conner for helping organize it!Hollywood Suite cleaning robin williams broom chores GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who helped stack chairs and stands before the game yesterday and cleaning up afterwards!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped finally finish building the chair racks!Dan Blaushild rock chair punk rock puns GIF
  • Thank you to everyone who has been uploading their photos to the Shutterfly!
  • Thank you to Gabi with all their work with the practice rooms!
  • Thank you to Leo for organizing such great Kappa Kappa Pstuesdays!
  • Shoutout to Denver and Lexi for helping with the truck in marching band!

Now here are some announcements from your exec team!

  • As a reminder, meetings are 15 minutes longer regularly. Since this wasn’t the expectation at the beginning of the year, it’s okay to leave early if necessary.
  • Evan Thompson will be speaking to us at 1pm on 11/12! Remember that this meeting time has changed so make plans accordingly!
  • If you’re interested in joining the group composing music for the ritual, see Kristina! music rock air guitar beavis and butthead rocking out GIF
  • UNC’s Third Degree is on 11/19 if you’re interested in attending!
  • The Kappa Hike will be 10/15 at 9am! 2-3 people are still necessary to pick people up on campus! Post on the Facebook event page if you’re interested!
  • IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT, DUE IT (Pay your dues ASAP to Bennett!)
  • Conducting Clinic will be November 4th from 12-3pm! Registration is electronic so see Andrew for more info!When you're conducting the most fire overture of 1956 - Imgur
  • Polls will be posted to the CSO Event pages for more info on finding a specific date!
  • Send in photos for the band banquet slideshow as soon as possible!
  • This week’s Kappa Kappa Pstuesday will be seeing Kingsman 2 at 9pm! Check out the Facebook page for more information.
  • Band Banquet planning begins next week! Start thinking of themes and decorations.
  • This Wednesday will be the marching band Kappa Kappa Psphoto after rehearsal! Come join us!

Afterwards, we had a discussion based on suggestion box comments. The first discussed Rockies.

  • The Rockies fundraiser got us a ton of money for this year (44% of our budget) which was super helpful for lots of really cool things we can do as a chapter! However, the time commitment did get a little overwhelming with the weird rules that the coordinator kept throwing on the group
    • The general consensus was that we should keep going through with this and emphasize the importance of commitment before signing up.
    • By a unanimous vote, the Rockies fundraiser will continue next semester.

Next, we discussed another suggestion box comment about recitals and receptions.

  • Receptions, especially towards the end of last year, had a very unbalanced amount of people which either led to overwhelming amounts of people or underwhelming amounts of people. With such a turnout, is this requirement necessary?
    • General consensus: having lots of people with reception would be nice just to have in case of an emergency. It’s better to be overstaffed than understaffed.
  • Recital is necessary for membership in Alpha Iota, but it appears that people treat this more as a chore rather than something as a chapter. Instrumentation seems off balanced with lots of instruments too.
    • General consensus: Musicianship is important for KKY (considering it’s one of the pillars) and should be kept as a requirement. Instrumentation issues can be fixed with better organization.
  • By a unanimous vote, the reception requirement was kept to one a year and the recital requirement was kept to one performance a year.

That’s all for this week! Hope you all have a great week and go buffs!