My deepest apologies for the confustion regarding this weekend. The meeting at retreat is not required (I.e. count against your attendance) but we will likely do committees and perhaps more survey discussion!
Sunday 11/5: is a required meeting! We will be voting on whether or not to accept people as MCs (I.e. send them a bid letter). This will be the only business for Sunday. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
– K. Lu


*Cue Separate Ways Music*

Today actives and PMs will have separate meetings!

PMs: Your meeting will be in UMC 415. This is your time to work on your service project.

Actives: Meeting at 5pm in regular room. We will be voting on PM acceptances. We must have 75% of actives present. I (K.Lu) will not be present today as I have a design pitch in Lakewood for my studio during the meeting time; Brandon will be running the meeting. Additionally, if there is anything you’d like to bring up, message me as we will not be holding committees today.

Today’s the Big Day!

First Degree is here! Quick reminders:

  1. Regular meeting at 5pm in the UMC. 
  2. Make reservations for dinner asap. Try and think outside the box so we don’t all bombard BJ’s at once ;). Make them for 7:45 or later just to give yourselves some wiggle room for transportation and photos.
  3. Dress semi formal
  4. Don’t forget your gift for your little!
  5. Also, conditional letters are due today! Email them to

How exciting! Go buffs!

Mini-Minutes for 1/29/17

Conditional letters are due Saturday, February 4th.

Thank you to Jade for stepping up as our secretary to be!

Make sure you make a homemade gift (like a dessert or something) for your little for First Degree this Saturday.

Sign up to play at the basketball game at Mines on February 11th here!

S’moreo’s 2.0 is coming up on February 16th!

Sign up for a reception time asap using the link above or here.

We will be trying to balance our communication between here and Facebook; the website will be the main source of communication, so check it frequently!