Photos from UCLA

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Kappas Go To UCLA! (2017)


Status Conditions

Hello brothers,

Just a quick memo about status changes. If you for any reason have decided to not continue with Kappa this semester, email/text/message Kristina ASAP to talk about options. You do not have to explain why, but we don’t want to lose a brother because of a miscommunication or lack of knowledge of options to stay involved but at a less intense scale. This needs to be reported in the next week so the Chapter Summary Report can be reported to Nationals.

Additionally, conditional letters for the fall semester are due on the 17th – no exceptions. Members seeking conditional status must write a letter to the chapter explaining the reason for going conditional, what they plan to do for the chapter in their absence, etc. Conditional members must still pay dues. We will vote on each candidates status at the September 17th meeting, but the ultimate decision must be approved by Dr. Roeder. As a reminder, work does not qualify as a valid reason for seeking conditional status.

For more information on what your conditional letter should include, please reference the Constitution.

Ahhhhh Schoooool!!!!!

Classes are about to begin and band camp is even closer! But this all means Kappa is also just around the bend!

Our first meeting will be on Sunday at 5pm on August 27th. Location is TBD because I cannot book rooms until closer to the start of term, so watch the calendar on the website and make sure you’re still subscribed to our text service (or text @kkyai to 81010).


New Suggestion Box Link!

Hello Kappas!

I’ve created a Google Form to act as our “suggestion box” for anonymous comments, questions, and concerns. This will permanently live on our website as a tab at the top, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Use it to submit ideas as well!

Best wishes and happy summers!



Appointed Positions

If you are interested in being appointed to Ritual Chair, Financial Analyst, and/or Public Relations Chair, please write a brief paragraph (can be longer) addressing the following:
– Which position are you applying for?
– Why are you interested in applying for this position?
– What makes you qualified for this position?
– How can you bring passion to this position and inspire others through your leadership and passion?
– How do you plan on engaging the chapter through this position?
Please send your submissions to by May 20th.