Everything you need to know about NatCon!



Orlando, Florida (Right across from Disney Springs – formerly known as Downtown Disney)


July 18-22, 2017

Cost: $140 for registration + transportation + food



In order to go as a group (whether it be flying or driving), we
need to know numbers as quickly as possible so that we can apply for a travel grant from Nationals and book hotel rooms. Deadline to commit (i.e. you cannot back out) will be May 13st. RSVP to KLu.

Plane tickets are currently anywhere from $105 to $240. Booking earlier is better than later.

Click here to register after talking to Kristina

Basic Schedule:

  • Sunday-Tuesday – NIB rehearsals
  • Tuesday – Convention Begins
  • Wednesday – Convention All Day
  • Thursday – off! Go to Disney! Including DISCOUNT TICKETS!!
  • Friday – Convention All Day
  • Saturday – Convention All Day

How to be Involved:

National Intercollegiate Band (DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, extensions may apply): 

  • If you make the NIB, you will arrive the Sunday before at noon for chair auditions, and have rehearsals Monday and Tuesday with the concert kicking-off Convention that evening!
  • If you make the NIB, your rooms will be covered for the first two days (Sunday and Monday night).
  • You must provide your own transportation (if you are selected, we can talk about helping you get there)
  • The NIB will be premiering a newly commissioned piece by Steven Bryant
  • The conductor will be Dr. Richard Clary from Florida State.
  • Audition Information: You must submit a hard-copy CD and mail it. It must be post-marked by April 15th. 
  • More information here: Audition Information – NIB

Solo Competition (DEADLINE IS APRIL 15):

  • Accompaniments are okay
  • Online submission, submitted by April 15.
  • Finalists will be selected to compete at National Convention for $500 and/or a Life Membership!
  • Audition Information – Solo Competition

Keynote Speaker Opportunity (DEADLINE IS APRIL 15):

  • Topic: Why does Kappa Kappa Psi matter?
  • Submit an audio recording or your speech online
  • Must be 7-10 minutes in length
  • If you are selected, you will also get FREE REGISTRATION!! ($140 value)
  • Audition Information – Keynote Speaker

Scott Stoll Award (Deadline is MAY 15):

  • We can nominate an Alpha Iota alum for this award
  • Elegibility:
    • Nominee cannot have been active status in the past 5 years
    • Not a member of the district council
  • More information to come, but if you have a nominee in mind, let KLu know!

Ritual Revisions! 

  • The 10-year long moratorium on Ritual is ending this year! This means, Ritual is going to change.
  • This means that we need to go through every aspect of the ritual book and make edits (no matter how minute) and submit them before convention here.
  • These suggested edits will be reviewed by the Ritual and Regalia committee (which you can serve on if you’d like) at National Convention.
  • These changes will remain in effect for the next ten years – great way to leave your mark on Kappa on a National level!

Other fun ways to serve!:

  • Nationals has written a standardized MEP curriculum, which is available for viewing now. (Find it here)
  • If interested, you can serve on the member education committee (which would entail making edits to the new curriculum based on the feedback from the chapters that piloted it this past year).

Main website: http://natcon.kkytbsonline.com


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